Dental Health Associates – Madison, WI

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the services you provided to us as a result of the flooding that occurred at our clinic on June 11, 2007.

We estimated that 6,000 of our dental records were completely immersed in about 20 inches of water that morning. Having never had a flooding situation such as this occur before, we were unsure of what to do to salvage the charts. The restoration company assisting us that day recommended DRYCO.

We contacted DRYCO at approximately 10:00 that morning, and by 3:00 p.m. you had arrived with your team and trucks and by 9:30 p.m. had all 6,000 charts on your trucks to haul to Illinois to begin your work.

The charts were returned to us promptly (all 6,000 returned within about four weeks) and in order. However, the most impressive part of this situation is that every single chart came back readable and with x-rays intact (and not stuck to each other or the chart itself)!

We are thrilled with the efforts put forth and the end result that DRYCO provided to us.

Please feel to pass along my name as a reference. Again, we are very thankful for the services that you provided to us and are extremely satisfied with the results.

Clinic Administrator
Dental Health Associates