Class Services – Orlando, FL

I was first introduced to DRYCO following the Hurricanes of 2004. The Central Florida area experienced three hurricanes within a six week period which caused widespread extensive damage. We utilized DRYCO’s services for equipment rental, set-up and consultation so that we could take advantage of multiple large commercial losses and maximize our profit during the process. We successfully handled over $1.5 million dollars worth of work that was previously out of touch for our company.

DRYCO was able to provide any size desiccant dehumidifier we needed, from 5,000 to 25,000 CFM, including the necessary size generators required to run large equipment. DRYCO also supplied needed electrical distribution panels, air chilled coolers, high CFM blowers, document drying, etc. At that time, equipment availability was at a premium, and 300KW and 500kw generators were impossible to locate. DRYCO supported us with any equipment we needed and their professional technicians were invaluable in assisting our staff with equipment maintenance.

Class Services can highly recommend Joe Schroeder and DRYCO to any restoration company that would like to handle large losses but shield away from marketing large losses due to a lack of confidence or resources.

As with almost every loss, there are inevitably challenges in dealing with building owners and insurance adjusters. Any issues that arose were immediately remedied by working with Joe and/or his staff to meet the needs of our customers and “price conscious” adjusters.

Joe and DRYCO continue to assist Class Services as we tackle the “big ones” and we highly value our business relationship.

Class Services
Casselberry, FL