Albert W. Kelchner, SRB Partners – Rockford, IL

Thank you for the equipment and services that DRYCO provided to us for the Winnebago County Criminal Justice Center project located in Rockford, Illinois. The dehumidification and climate control equipment that we used from June through October allowed us to maintain the project’s overall schedule by meeting Interior finishes’ dates.

Your personal support, including engineering for our specific needs, will be a contributing factor to the project’s success. We achieved and maintained the projected interior climate control (65 – 68F temperature inside with a 40-45F dew point) during outside temperatures over 80F. The ArcticDRY¬†units on this job efficiently supplied cold, dry air at a reasonable cost.

Again, we appreciate DRYCOs’ service and professionalism in addition to the performance that is promised to us

Very truly yours,
Albert W. Kelchner,
Senior Project Manager
SRB Partners – Scandroli – Ringland Johnson – Bovis