Service Sheets – Document & Media Recovery

Document & Media Recovery

Recovery Process
1. Documents are packed out and inventoried according to client specifications
2. Transportation of documents to DRYCO facility
     – Depending on area and climate, documents should be transported in freezer trucks
3. Once at the processing facility, documents are placed in the dehumidified drying chamber
4. Documents are re-inventoried on drying racks by box number for tracking accuracy
5. Ozone is used to eliminate odors
6. Documents are disinfected to help eliminate bacteria and microbial growth
7. Throughout the drying process, documents are monitored and tested with a paper
   meter to ensure proper drying
8. If necessary, documents are hand cleaned before being packed into new boxes
   and shipped back to the client
9. At clients request, DRYCO can retain documents in our storage climate controlled facility.


Recovery Of:

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Documents • Photographs
Files • Negatives
Books • X-Rays
Blueprints • Microfilm
Drawings • Microfiche

• Emergency service
• Desiccant cool air drying
• Freeze drying
• Surface cleaning/deodorization
• Technical consulting
• Mobile/on-site applications available
• Pack outs
• Refrigerated freezer storage trucks
• Climate controlled storage