Service Sheets – Construction

Construction Drying Equipment and Service

• Speed up dry times of joint compound, paints and other finishes
• Remove excess moisture in concrete to allow for coverings/adhesives to be installed
• Reduce condensation on cool surfaces
• Maintain a “clean” building by dramatically reducing the potential of mold growth
• Restore materials after water damage

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• Dehumidification (DH)
– Desiccant DH up to 25,000cfm
– Mechanical DH (ArcticDRY Units) to 15,000cfm
– Refrigerant DH (Portable DZ &LGR)
• Heating
– In Line Electric Heaters up to 150kw
– Heating with Blowers up to 60kw
• Powerful Indirect-Fired Heaters
• Cooling
– Air Conditioning/Process Cooling
DX Units, Chillers, Spot Coolers
• Ventilation
– Blower Only Units, Axial Fans
Air Movers & Air Scrubbers
• Power
– Generators up to 2 Megawatt
Distribution Panels & Stringer Boxes
• D.T.A.C. (DRYCO Total Air Control)
– Remote monitoring system allows you to view
the conditions of your job site
from anywhere with a computer &
internet connection.

• Choosing & sizing appropriate climate control equipment
• Equipment rentals with full turn-key service available
• Design & deployment of temporary power
• Delivery & set-up of climate control equipment
• 24/7 response to field service needs