Process Cooling

Process cooling is when refrigerating systems cool air below the ambient temperatures. Simply put, it uses a compressor that expands refrigerant gas. When the gas is expanded it absorbs heat cooling the surrounding area. In some applications, process cooling will produce temperatures far below freezing. It is essentially the same as engine driven chillers that are used for air conditioning purposes. The difference is they will generally cool far less air than a similarly sized engine driven chiller. More energy is required to achieve the lower temperatures needed for most process cooling situations. DRYCO is known across the country as experts in providing process cooling for our clients.

When Is Process Cooling Needed?

Process cooling and refrigeration have many applications in the real world. Everyday things such as cold storage, food processing, and even ice rinks are some of common uses for commercial and industrial process cooling. The sizes of the refrigeration systems will vary according to their operating temperature, pressure range, as well as the total refrigeration load it will be required to move. The most common refrigeration compressor is called the reciprocating piston. This type of compressor responds well to a variable speed drive. It works well with both electric motor drives and natural gas engine drives. DRYCO has the experience, technology, and the know-how to assist with any process cooling needs you and your business may have.

Which System Is Right For Me?

Our industry experts are more than capable of handling any commercial or industrial process cooling situation. DRYCO services both public and private sectors of the environmental control industry. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year for any scheduled service or emergency response. Please contact your local DRYCO representative if you need any assistance in determining the appropriate process cooling device for your unique workspace. DRYCO understands that making small operational improvements can noticeably reduce your facility’s environmental impact, and can help you increase productivity while save money.

DRYCO Has The Solution

We will make sure you have the appropriate equipment to achieve the desired results. It is our goal to match your commercial or industrial process cooling requirements with the most effective equipment. This will result in cost savings for you and your company. Our staff of highly trained industry experts allows us to meet the needs of our clients whether they involve chemicals and petrochemicals, fuel transportation, food processing, or even pharmaceuticals. Whatever your process cooling problem is, DRYCO has the solution.