Equipment Monitoring

Equipment Monitoring
If you want DRYCO to monitor the equipment, we can do that.

While most companies take the hands off approach to equipment rental, just having you pick up the equipment and leaving you to figure it all out, we understand that sometimes you may need a helping hand. At DRYCO, we offer the services of an experienced technician to monitor your equipment and make sure it is performing at maximum proficiency.

Trained DRYCO technicians will make sure that your equipment remains functioning properly to ensure that there is no interruption in operation. They will also make sure that any industrial equipment that operates on fuel will remain optimally fueled and ready to get the job done.

We REALLY mean 24/7

There have been several jobs in DRYCO’s past where our technicians remained on site 24 hours a day. One project (unfortunately in a remote area) required immediate service if anything went wrong. Because of the location and critical nature of the project, the 2 technicians working the project lived out of an RV for 2 weeks, working 12 hour shifts. They were on site at the initial start up and remained within a stone’s throw for 14 days until the equipment was turned off and removed. Some projects require such close supervision and DRYCO can do that for you!

We mean it, our technicians will stay with the equipment as long as you need them in order to help you with your emergency. They will monitor the equipment for performance and efficiency, keep it powered and fueled if needed. They’ll also answer any questions you may have about the process. Precise operation of industrial machinery is integral to the success of any industrial operation. Let DRYCO help to insure your success.