The Challenges

Faced with production delays and potentially damaged products, a food manufacturing plant needed help from high moisture.  They first called their mechanical contractor, who in turn contacted DRYCO for a solution.  With clumping issues of a raw ingredient delaying production and rising levels of condensation creating additional delays, a moisture control solution was needed.

The DRYCO representative determined that it was not necessary to dehumidify a whole area of the building but rather target the problem spots where the humidity and condensation were present.  Small portable dehumidifiers were used only in the high humidity areas, allowing for easy manipulation, as well as requiring a lower power draw. Within hours of being installed and operating the dehumidifiers showed their value – condensation was nearly gone and there was no more clumping, with the raw product flowing through equipment.


Project Details

Client:Mechanical Contractor
Location:Southern California
Year Completed:2016

Equipment Used

  • DH 800 rental desiccant dehumidifier
  • DH 385 rental desiccant dehumidifier