The Challenges

After the permanent HVAC system failed at a local library in Southern California, emergency cooling was needed immediately! With triple digit temperatures outside and voracious readers anxious to visit the library, it was DRYCO’s rental air conditioning units to the rescue.

When the mechanical contractor informed the library that a new air conditioning system was needed (and that it would be nearly one month to have it installed!) the search was on for some temporary cooling to keep the library and it’s patrons comfortable. After DRYCO was contacted, a discussion about the cooling options, power and preference took place.  Rather than use a single large rental air conditioner that required a higher voltage service, it was determined that smaller, portable air conditioners were preferred. The rental units were quickly delivered, set up and the spot coolers are keeping the readers happy and cool!

Project Details

Client:Mechanical Contractor/Local Library
Location:Southern California
Year Completed:2016

Equipment Used

  • Rental Spot Cooler