The Challenges

At an annual farm show that rotates throughout the Midwest, temporary tents are constructed to display equipment, products and other materials used by farmers. With the show happening during the warm summer months, cooling for these tents is essential.  The show runs for a few short weeks but DRYCO assembles and takes down all components of the temporary cooling.  Our service technicians set up the portable generators, mechanical dehumidifiers/air conditioners and distribute the cool air inside multiple tents for the event. Because of the temporary cooling, these tents are popular stops for attendees during the Farm Show.

Project Details

Client:Midwest Farm Association
Location:Decatur, IL
Year Completed:2013, 2014, 2015

Equipment Used

  • Three 30 Ton ArcticDRY Mechanical Dehumidifiers
  • One 15 Ton ArcticDRY Mechanical Dehumidifier
  • Three Diesel Fired Rental Generators