Temporary Cooling

  • A rental spot cooler seen delivering air conditioning at a local library in Southern California.

    Rental Air Conditioning to the Rescue

    After the permanent HVAC system failed at a local library in Southern California, emergency cooling was needed immediately! With triple digit temperatures outside and voracious readers anxious to visit the library, it was DRYCO’s rental air conditioning units to the rescue. When the mechanical contractor informed the library that a new air conditioning system was needed (and that it…

  • A temporary cooling unit installed at manufacturing plant in Southern California.

    Temporary Cooling at Manufacturing Plant

    As nice as the weather can be in Southern California, the sunny, warm days can cause problems for a manufacturing plant.  With summer temperatures rising, humidity crept through the production facility.  The manufacturer soon found equipment failures due to clumping in the powder-like product they used.  When the lines could no longer operate due to malfunctions, the facility…

  • Retail cooling

    Emergency Cooling for Retail

    A large retail sporting goods store in N. Illinois was preparing for their Grand Opening when problems arose with their HVAC system.

  • Cool school 2

    Keeping a School Cool

    When school started in August, the Southern California heat wave was still in full effect.  With no air conditioning available, the school administrators were compelled to bring in some form of temporary cooling to relieve students (and teachers!) from the hot classrooms. DRYCO was able to deliver several spot coolers and provide temporary cooling to classrooms at the…

  • Cooling the Field House

    Cooling The Field House

    At Dryco, we were asked to cool down the field house at an east coast college for a day. The college was hosting an event in the fieldhouse, which has no permanent air-conditioning in place.

  • Farm Show

    Farm Show – Temporary Cooling

    At an annual farm show that rotates throughout the Midwest, temporary tents are constructed to display equipment, products and other materials used by farmers. With the show happening during the warm summer months, cooling for these tents is essential.  The show runs for a few short weeks but DRYCO assembles and takes down all components…