• Emergency Drying at Church

    Emergency Drying at Church

    After a water damage occurred at a church and adjoining parochial school, the responding restoration company asked DRYCO to provide the drying equipment. Nearly 50,000cfm of drying equipment was delivered the same night the call came in. The drying equipment, generators, fueling and transportation was all coordinated by DRYCO. Service technicians set up the equipment…

  • Winter Time Water Damage

    Winter Time Water Damage

    Winter brings many challenges including frozen pipes. When a water pipe froze and subsequently burst at an apartment complex, DRYCO was tasked with providing emergency drying for a large building. Twin desiccant dehumidifiers were delivered and used to dry the interior of the building. The local restoration contractor focused on the remediation of the building…

  • Emergency Drying Equipment

    Emergency Drying Equipment

    High winds and rain from a summer storm damaged the roof of an office building, allowing rain water to soak multiple floors of a suburban Chicago office. Once restoration contractors responded and gauged the extent of the damage, DRYCO was called to deliver a large rental desiccant dehumidifier, rather than attempt to employ dozens of…