Spot Coolers Deliver Temporary Cooling

Training Center pic 2Some 1-ton rental spot coolers recently came to the rescue at a training facility in southern California. The facility was without an HVAC system and needed a quick fix to help battle the high heat during a training session. After some discussions it was determined that rental cooling, specifically spot coolers, was a great solution for them – both economically and operationally.

The portable rental units can be easily maneuvered on casters and with the dual flexible outlets on each unit, the customer liked that they Training Center pic 1could easily manipulate the cold air in different directions.  As seen in one of the photos, DRYCO technicians delivered the units, as well as installed and situated everything, including the hot air exhaust.

The spot coolers were on rent for over a week, and then quickly disassembled and returned back to the shop. The customer was thrilled with how quickly and easily they were able to get temporary cooling to help their issue.