Rental Dehumidifiers Help with Construction

Construction pic1Several 2000cfm rental dehumidifiers are helping on a construction project in Northern California. The smaller, portable desiccant dehumidifiers are being used on several floors of a multi-story project during the ‘finishing stages’ of construction.

These desiccant units are helping provide better interior climate conditions, as well as reducing the dry times on drywall plaster and mudding and removing any excess moisture from the new concrete slabs.

The smaller size of these 2000cfm units is ideal for construction projects. Not only can these rental dehumidifiers easily fit into elevators, but with wheels, contractors can easily move the units around when needed.Construction pic2

The contractor is using a few dehumidifiers on each floor, and then transporting the units to other floors as needed.  Again, the size and ease of transportation with these units not only makes them ideal for construction projects like this, but also popular with the contractors who rent these units.