DRYCO at SSPC 2013 – Dehumidification & Cooling

sspc 2013 Stop by DRYCO booth 514 and chat with us about our
climate control and power rental equipment and services.

On Monday January 14th DRYCO’s Don Schnell will be giving a presentation entitled
Cool, Dry Or Both: When Is Cooling Equipment Appropriate As A Dehumidifier?

This presentation will detail the differences between cooling type dehumidification and desiccant dehumidification and identify where each is appropriate. You will learn the basic concepts that make a refrigeration type dehumidifier work on the industrial painting project, in terms that are clear and understandable. Basic operation and maintenance will be discussed, along with ideas to make the equipment bring the most value on the job.
Hand-outs will include application tips and criteria for choosing the right approach for climate control. You will also leave with tools that can help plan a work schedule and procedures to get the most out of your climate control investment.

The knowledge we hope you’ll gain:

Understand the differences between desiccant dehumidifiers and refrigeration type dehumidifiers.
How to choose the right technology for climate control on an industrial coating project.
How to plan the coating project to make the best use of climate control equipment.
Basic operation and maintenance of cooling equipment.