Fans & Blowers

5000 cfm Blower RentalDRYCO offers commercial and industrial fan and blower rental to companies across the country. We know that air movement is the key to heating, cooling and dehumidifying. To obtain the most effective airflow for the job, we offer fan and blowers of different air movement capacities and strengths to fit the individual requirements of each job. With our equipment rentals, you can get your project done and maximize your time.

Industrial Blower Rental

There are numerous jobs that require the use of an industrial blower. When you need to ventilate a confined space, cool equipment that may overheat, or need to remove the moisture before painting or packing, industrial blowers are an essential element. Blowers are often used for drying during food processing and air circulation.

Industrial Fan Rental

Industrial Mobile Box FansAt DRYCO, we have a large selection of industrial fans for rent and are available at various locations across the country. We have a wide range of styles and sizes to fit any need, so no job need go without proper air ventilation equipment. Our axial box fans are the perfect solution for any job that’s principle goal is to create a large volume of airflow.

What To Know When Renting An Industrial Blower Or Fan

When selecting the appropriate industrial fan or blower for your job, it is essential to know what amount of airflow is needed. You should also know the amount of static pressure used through the entire system, and the temperature of the air moving through the fan or blower. It is also important to know whether the airflow through the fan or blower will be clean or dirty, and if it will be wet or dry. Some other considerations are the altitude where the industrial equipment will be in use, and if there will be any potentially explosive or flammable material near the blower. If you are looking to convey material, it is important to know what type of material you are working with, its weight, how many pounds per hour need conveying and the material’s consistency. With all of these important factors weighing in on your fan or blower choice, our experts at DRYCO can help you determine which industrial blower or fan is best suited for the job.

Feel free to contact your local DRYCO representative if you have any questions or to check the pricing and rental options for blowers or fans.