Portable Dehumidifiers

Portable DehumidifiersDRYCO offers commercial and industrial portable dehumidifier rental anywhere across the country. We own portable industrial desiccant, commercial, small refrigerant and mechanical dehumidifiers that are available upon request. Our large selection means that we are likely to have the portable dehumidifier you need to get the job done.

Large Selection To Fit Your Needs

DRYCO owns an enormous selection of portable dehumidifiers. If your work site calls for moisture removal, you can rent one of our dehumidifiers to keep moisture out of the space and allow you to complete the work on schedule. Our selection come in different sizes depending on the size of the job and the total area affected by moisture. Whether you need to remove the moisture from a small room or a large building, we have the dehumidifier that is best for your workload.

Available 24 Hours A Day, 7 Days A Week

Whether you need a dehumidifier day or night, we will deliver it to you. Our rental rates are competitive and our plans are flexible to accommodate your needs. You can rent them bi-weekly, monthly, or seasonally. Our technicians will deliver and install the equipment, and ensure that it works properly upon arrival. We will monitor the unit during the rental period to make sure that it is functioning at maximum efficiency.

Portable Industrial Dehumidifiers

Our fleet of industrial dehumidifiers has been carefully selected to ensure reliability. They can handle the demands of drying a large industrial area for optimal environmental control. They work exceptionally well in areas that are affected by severe conditions and large spaces including warehouses, offices, factories, and other large facilities.

Portable Commercial Dehumidifiers

Our commercial dehumidifiers help to control mold and mildew and remove unwanted moisture. They perform better than expected in severe situations such as cleaning up floods or burst pipes. They are a great option for clearing up moist environments. Smaller units are appropriate for humidity control in areas such as garages, storerooms, cellars, stores, restaurants, offices, and apartments. 
Regardless of why your company needs a portable dehumidifier, we can help.

Call us today for more information about the dehumidifiers we have available for rental in your area and our competitive rates. We are happy to answer any questions and to help you choose the rental that is right for your project.