In-Line Heaters

In-Line Heater RentalAn in-line heater is the perfect solution if, for example, you’re also renting a dehumidifier. When using a dehumidifier for drying a project, heated climate control may be one of your primary concerns in delivering a high quality project. Let’s say that you’re project is at the end of summer and you have concerns about overnight temperatures dipping below a certain temperature.

Maybe you have limited entry points but need both dehumidification and heating? An in-line heater is the answer. Here’s how…

Drop a Heater “In-Line”

Just like it sounds, an in-line heater falls ‘in line’ with a dehumidifier, creating one row of equipment flowing into a building or painting project. The dehumidifier takes ambient air, runs it through the desiccant wheel and exhausts it out the other side of the unit. Then, the duct from the dehumidifier runs into the in-line heater and that air crosses the heating coils, raising the temperature. The air is now dehumidified and heated and now enters the space.

The sizes of our in-line heaters are generally 60kW and 150kW, to match the cfm and air flow capacity of our desiccant dehumdifiers (since they are usually used in tandem).

For more information or to inquire about pricing and/or availability, contact your local representative.