Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect Fired Heater RentalIndirect fired heaters are one of the most popular forms of adding heat to a work-site. DRYCO is known throughout the industry for professional indirect fired heater rental and services. DRYCO rents indirect fired heaters that provide clean dry heated air that is free of combustion byproducts and moisture.

What Are The Fuel Options?

Our indirect fired heaters come with multiple fuel options. We offer indirect fired heaters with your choice of fuel, including propane, natural gas, or diesel. Portable clean dry heat is necessary in many situations and we can provide the environmental control solution that best resolves your climate control difficulties. DRYCO continues to lead the way in environmental control solutions.

Why Indirect Fired Heaters Are The Best Choice?

Indirect fired heaters are usually installed outside with the warm air duct going into the interior or to the area that needs to be heated.  A portable indirect fired heater is essentially a mobile furnace with a fan that pushes air over a heat exchanger. Combustion occurs internally and the fumes are vented through a stack.  This process allows heated air to be delivered to the areas where clean breathable heated air is needed.  If you need to add heat to your work environment without the inconvenience of moisture, an indirect fired heater is your best option and DRYCO has several to choose from.

Emergency Heating & Drying

DRYCO specializes in providing indirect fired heaters during emergency situations. As a temporary climate control company, heat is certainly one of the components of delivering a total climate control solution. Nearly all of the heat offered by DRYCO is indirect fired. Indirect fired heaters are a great choice because they do not add moisture to the space or building. This allows for emergency heating and drying without the addition of moisture. Yes, we can supply open flame heaters if moisture and/or fumes are not a major concern.

Always Ready To Help

DRYCO offers 24-hour around-the-clock emergency services. Our specialty is providing indirect fired heaters during emergency situations.  DRYCO owns a huge fleet of indirect fired heaters and the most common size available is the 70000 BTU indirect fired heaters.  We have models available with wheels and larger units without.  With all the options and different models that DRYCO has available for indirect fired heater rental, you’re bound to find the perfect unit for your situation.  We look forward to discussing how we can assist you.

Please contact your local DRYCO sales representative for specifications, rates and availability.