Electric Heaters

Electric HeatersDRYCO specializes in electric heaters for commercial, industrial and private businesses and homes. Our electric heaters deliver clean, dry heat. We emphasize moisture control with our line of indirect fired and electric heaters. There are several benefits to using electric heaters over gas heaters. For instance, gas heaters are not always allowed in a building or, they may not best fit the needs of the building. Electric heaters provide clean dry heat which is important when it is necessary to have no moisture.

Heaters Ready For Immediate Rental

We can provide an electric heater for your space in any emergency situation. When renting an electric heater from DRYCO you can feel confident that we will be able to provide you with the best equipment and top quality service. We stock a wide selection and variety of electric heaters as well as “in-line” heaters with blowers. We have dozens of electric heaters available for rental at each of our many locations ready for delivery. We can transport them to your building, or you may pick them up from one of our locations across the country.

Electric Heater Sizes

Our electric heaters range from 15kW up to 150kW. We are always updating and adding equipment to our fleet of electric heaters. The selection of electric heaters may vary from location to location, but we can ship heaters all over the country to fit your needs. We are happy to accommodate your need for the exact electric heater that will fit your specific needs.

Short And Long Term Rental

Our electric heaters are available for short term and long term rental. Heaters can be rented by the day, week, month, season or any long term period of time. We will be happy to fit your need for the best electric heaters available. Contact us today for a quote and for more information about our electric heater rentals. We are happy to asset you in finding the electric heater that will suit your needs.