Commercial Heaters

Industrial Heater RentalDRYCO is a nationwide provider of commercial heater rental, specializing in commercial heaters and the rental of industrial heaters.  Wherever your industrial or commercial project is located, DRYCO is available for your commercial heating rental needs.  We offer several options including, daily, weekly and monthly rates.

We also offer a long-term rental program, seasonal rentals, rent to own options, as well as new and used equipment sales for permanent installation.  DRYCO has many types of commercial and industrial heaters to fit any need.  We currently have electric heaters, in-line heaters and indirect fired heaters available.

Electric Heaters

Commercial Electric HeaterElectric heaters provide clean, dry heat.  DRYCO emphasizes moisture control.  That is why we stock a full line of commercial electric heaters.  The number of units available depends on the location of your project.  We can ship heaters anywhere to accommodate the needs of our customers.  We offer electric heaters from 15kW up to 150kW.  When a gas heater is prohibited or isn’t the right fit for the job, an electric unit provides the perfect solution. If your project leaves no wiggle room for moisture and you can’t use an indirect fired gas heater, we’ve got the electric heating unit for your business.

In-Line Heaters

In Line HeaterThe difference between electric and in-line heaters is that, an in-line heater works in combination with a dehumidifier.  An in-line heater works ‘in line’ with a dehumidifier, to make one row of equipment working together to do one job.  The dehumidifier takes air, runs it through the desiccant wheel and exhausts it out the other side of the unit. Then, the duct from the dehumidifier runs into the in-line heater and that air crosses the heating coils, raising the temperature. The air is now dehumidified and heated and now enters the space.  The sizes of in-line heaters that we offer are 60kW and 150kW, to match the cfm and air flow capacity of our desiccant dehumidifiers.  Remember they work together.  So if your project requires both dehumidification and heating, an in-line heater is your best bet.

Indirect Fired Heaters

Indirect Fired HeatersRenting commercial and industrial indirect fired heaters is DRYCO’s specialty.  Almost all of the commercial heaters that we offer are indirect fired heaters.  In an emergency situation,  no one is better.  The reason we offer indirect fired heaters for emergencies is because indirect fired heaters won’t add moisture to your work environment.  We carry several different types in indirect fired heaters.   Regardless of whether you need a heater that runs on diesel, natural gas or propane, we’ve got what you need.  The most common size we offer is the 700 thousand BTU indirect fired heaters. Do you need mobility?  No problem.  We offer units that come with wheels or without wheels.

Make DRYCO you first choice for industrial climate control solutions. For industrial and commercial heater rental, call us today.