Refrigerant Dehumidifiers (LGR)

DRYCO specializes in Refrigerant Dehumidifiers. We rent refrigerant dehumidifiers for portable moisture control on a weekly basis, or we offer custom rental length agreements. We have several hundreds of these units, so you can always find one available at DRYCO. They are easy to operate and very effective for use in both industrial and commercial projects. Refrigerant dehumidifiers perform well in warm and humid conditions, and they are great when used as a quick solution to controlling moisture.


LGR-200-HTDehumidification comes in many shapes and sizes. The LGR is the small, portable solution, used in many different applications. The LGR is easy to use and effective in many different situations. This may be the quick solution to your moisture control needs. DRYCO owns several hundred of these units and offers rentals on a weekly basis and beyond. LGR stands for ‘low grain refrigerant.’ Because these are refrigerant based dehumidifiers, the by product of their operation is water, which exits the unit through a small plastic hose, easily directed to a nearby sink or drain.

The LGR unit offers a lot of options for the end user. This unit operates on 110v power, and with a quick tilt of the handle is easily maneuvered around on two wheels. These pieces can help you target problem areas or specific corners of a large room. You can also add several pieces to attack excess moisture on industrial or emergency drying projects. To combat severe moisture, DRYCO recommends using a desiccant dehumidifier, but depending on the situation, the LGR may be the optimal choice.

Refrigerant Dehumidifier Rental

We offer refrigerant dehumidifier rental at all of our locations, and we have a large stock available for rent. If need be, you may rent several units at a time depending on how large or how small your project is. This small portable solution has many different applications and is often one of the top choices for use in removing moisture. It is a great choice for emergency drying situations that need to be addressed quickly in both homes and commercial buildings. You can rent them by the week, month, or even longer. 
 For more information about our refrigerant dehumidifier rental prices and availability call DRYCO today. We can help you decide if this type of dehumidifier will work best for your project or if another one will suit you better.

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