Commercial & Industrial Dehumidifiers

DH5000-HQNo other company in the country offers nationwide rental of industrial and portable commercial dehumidifiers with the care and personal touch provided by DRYCO. We possess a complete fleet of professional strength dehumidifiers in the country. On your job site, moisture control can be critical. We offer an immediate climate control solution when and where you need it. We offer flexible rental options to accommodate even the most rigorous and time-consuming schedules.

The Dehumidifier For You

We have an industry-leading variety of both industrial and portable commercial dehumidifiers to rent at a moments notice. We are equipped to handle any moisture related issue that may surface at your location. We offer a massive variety of options for on-site moisture control:

  • Industrial
  • Portable Commercial
  • Desiccant Dehumidifiers
  • Refrigerant Dehumidifiers
  • Mechanical Dehumidifiers

DRYCO provides several different sized machines depending on the scope of each particular project. We have units small enough to dry out a room and some large enough for use in a multi-story building. Regardless of what need you have, we have the commercial dehumidifier to meet your requirements.

Commercial & Industrial Dehumidifiers

AnywhereDRYCO provides industrial and portable commercial dehumidifier rental equipment anywhere in the country day or night. We can deliver your dehumidifier for either a scheduled or emergency rental situation. We offer the most competitive rental rates in the industry. We have rental plans that are extremely flexible, and we can accommodate weekly, monthly, or seasonal rental needs. Our expert technicians can assist in setting up of the equipment. We can also help monitor the unit during its operation to make sure it’s functioning at optimal levels.

Commercial Dehumidifier

We Are Here To Provide Solutions

Hundreds of companies trust their climate control rental needs to us. To maintain our unblemished reputation, we want to make sure that our client’s projects are completed on time and under budget. Our field technicians are available to help and walk you through each step of the process. We work hard to make sure that your rental experience with DRYCO is a pleasant one. Please contact your local DRYCO representative to discuss the rental and pricing options available to you.