Air Scrubbers

portable air scrubberDRYCO offers air scrubber rentals to meet your health, safety, and productivity needs. Let us improve your industrial and commercial on-site air quality. Protect workers from harmful fumes, debris, and dust. Downtime costs you money. We can get and keep your project on track.

Air Scrubber Rental

Air scrubbers are used to remove particles from the air in a particular area. Clean and purify air on the job site quickly and conveniently.

Air quality can be improved before entering a site, during work, and after the job is done. Portable air scrubbers can be rented for a variety of jobs and circumstances:

  • Mold Abatement
  • Disaster Restoration
  • Construction Dust
  • Prevent Asbestos Exposure
  • Mining Industry Air Quality
  • Prevent Lead Dust Exposure
  • Chemical Fumes Removal

Potential health hazards in the form of mold, asbestos, lead, and other harmful irritants can cause lasting damage to construction and disaster recovery workers. Cleaning up after fires or other environmental emergencies can release dangerous chemicals into the air. This contamination can not only affect your site but also the surrounding areas as well. Industries such as mining are also good candidates for air purification for the sake of protecting your workforce and bottom line. Air scrubber rental helps you and your workers breath easier.

Convenient Negative Air Machine Options

At DRYCO, we carry a large stock of air scrubbers for commercial and industrial use at all of our locations. We have the air purification solution to meet your needs. A clean filter and 110v power source is often all that is needed. Portable and easy to use, our equipment makes cleaning the air right where you need to a breeze!

Rent Air Scrubbers Today

Let us help you decide exactly what products may fit your unique needs. Our friendly representatives are available to answer all of your questions, get you a quote, or place an order to get you up and running as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact DRYCO to learn more about air scrubber rental today!