Mechanical Dehumidifiers (ArcticDRY)

15-Ton ArcticDRYAs a temporary climate control company, cooling and air conditioning can be one component of controlling a space. Use ArcticDRY to provide cool, dry air, for example, in a warm and wet climate or working area to help provide a safer environment

Sometimes worker safety requires cooling or the need to maintain a lower interior temperature calls for a DX unit to be added.

If a project requires low humidity AND low temperature, enter the ArcticDRY.

Rather than 2, let’s use 1

The ArcticDRY unit is like incorporating an air conditioning unit and a dehumidifier together in one box. The ArcticDRY is a mechanical dehumidifier. Some people call it a process cooler. Other times it is referred to as a subcooled mechanical dehumidifier. Whatever you want to call it, this unit is extremely effective in warm climates and extremely popular. In addition to offering air conditioning/DX units, DRYCO exclusively offers the ArcticDRY unit – a mechanical dehumidifier unit that cools and dries.

The ArcticDRY unit is NOT an air conditioner, but a unit that delivers cold air (like an air conditioner) but the key is that the ArcticDRY unit is built to remove moisture. For now, this unit is offered in 3 different sizes, a 15ton, 30ton and 60 ton (2,000cfm, 5,000cfm and 15,000cfm respectively).

The ArcticDRY is sure to provide the cool, dry air needed in a warm & wet climate/environment. If you’re interested in one of these units and its hot outside, call now, as they usually go quickly!

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