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Air ConditionersDRYCO offers air conditioner rentals for commercial, industrial, and construction applications. We have many sizes to choose from and many units available with same day delivery.

To suggest the proper size AC unit, we need to know the size of your building, work area, or structure. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and we are happy to get your rental unit out as soon as you need it.

Temporary Temperature Control

In the last hundred years, air conditioning has become every more important not only in homes and vehicles, but also workplaces and manufacturing plants. Proper air temperature and moisture control can just as easily hamper, as well as improve production in industries such as printing, pharmaceuticals and textiles. We offer industrial strength air conditioners for rent to take care of all of your temporary temperature control needs.

Air Conditioning Units For Rent

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Call us for more information on unit specifications, pricing, availability, and delivery information.

When You Need To Rent Air Conditioners Fast

DRYCO knows how important it is to maintain optimum temperatures. So, when your temperature control system goes down or malfunctions, you can’t afford to simply stop production until the issue is resolved. We can provide emergency climate control for any industry so that your production doesn’t have to be completely at the mercy of your heating and cooling system.

Industrial Air Conditioning Equipment Rental

Industrial air conditioning units can be used for mere creature comfort or to help stabilize the interior temperature of a building or space or they can be used in conjunction with dehumidifiers to provide a fully controlled climate (with humidity and temperature control).

Sometimes A/C Is A Necessity

Don’t think of air conditioning as merely a luxury; when was the last time you tried to stay inside, anything, in the middle of the summer without air conditioning? It gets unbearable, fast. The point is, when heat and humidity start to take over, things stop functioning normally. Paint doesn’t adhere as well, products that are normally dry start to moisten and clump. In many cases, it’s not about making the space comfortable, as much as the air conditioning can help combat the conditions.

Portable Commercial Sized Air Conditioners For Rent

Our equipment is available for pickup or deliver, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our highly trained technicians can monitor and operate the equipment if you need us to and can stay with you until you are back on track. DRYCO specializes in emergency climate control and emergency heating and cooling. So, make sure to go with the most reliable when your business is on the line.

Get A Custom Quote

We can’t help advise on which size of unit you need without speaking with you first. The fastest way to get the rental equipment to your door is to complete the Quote Request form on the side of this page, or call us for help. We will find out your situation, we can recommend the size of unit you might need and discuss availability.

Please contact your local representative to see about availability and pricing.