Moisture & Mold Prevention

Moisture & Mold Prevention - Picture shows a 5000cfm and 15,000cfm desiccant dehumidifierMold presents a serious health issue to those exposed to it and be extremely harmful to people who breath in its spores. Mold can cause headaches, shortness of breath, nose bleeds, respiratory bleeding and even cancer. If you have an area that is a high risk for mold, it is vital to implement a climate control system to deter its growth. Even if you have such a system in place, what will you do if that system malfunctions?

Excess moisture can be just as devastating to construction projects and production in some industries. Moisture is also the beginning of the mold growth process. Too much moisture in the the air can ruin manufacturing production of pharmaceuticals and ruin the finish on a new painting project. That’s why DRYCO comes equipped with the best in industrial dehumidifiers and is available to help you stop moisture, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Stopping Mold and eliminating Moisture – When to act

Layflat seen delivering dry air to an interior that has been stripped of drywall. Sometimes you need go that deep to be sure the interior is dry.

Following a water damage it is imperative to completely dry any building or house. The most obvious examples of water damage are hurricanes and floods.  When a pipe breaks or plumbing has been leaking, these are the situations that may require professional assistance.  The best first step may involve thermal imaging to monitor the path and extent of the moisture.

How to Stop the Moisture

DRYCO specializes in temporary climate control systems and industrial dehumidification. We are able to swiftly respond to your emergency with the proper machinery and professional, knowledgeable technicians. You can rent one of our pieces of machinery and have it delivered or pick it up. Once the equipment is on site, you can request a DRYCO certified technician to assist you with its operation, monitoring, setup and fueling. Our technicians will perform the steps necessary to help prevent mold from forming and remove damaging moisture until your climate control system is back up and running or the excess moisture is removed.