Emergency Power

Emergency PowerIt is often said: POWER IS KING! In an emergency situation, if you don’t have generators your equipment is useless. DRYCO has the generators to power up the big equipment. We can also run a generator straight into a building power box or we can provide power and distribution to run 110v equipment and everyday tools.

  • Generators to operate equipment and/or place of business
  • Distribution allows the operation of essential 110v equipment
  • Provide backup/emergency power for critical operations

GeneratorsDon’t allow a facility to sit idle or allow equipment to not operate from a lack of power. A temporary power solution can be quickly delivered and have you up and running quickly.

Emergency Generators

When disasters strike and the response begins, one of the first demands is power. With generators on site, they can be used to power large equipment, connected to the “house” box or configured with panels or stringer boxes to power everyday 110v items.

Distribution (beyond extension cords)

Power cables.  Lots and lots of power cables.
Power cables. Lots and lots of power cables.

Yes, DRYCO has generators in many sizes.  But once we deliver it, then what? In many cases the power needs to be distributed to several places. You may also be running many pieces of equipment, for example. This is where distribution comes into play. What do we mean? A panel is used to take that ‘big power cable’ from the generator and then “divide” that power into smaller, more easily usable portions.  (see pictures)

For example, let’s take 100amps of 110v power. You need to operate 5 pieces of equipment totaling approx. 60 amps. If you take the cable from the generator, plug into a panel that has 8 outlets, you can plug your 5 pieces into the panel and still have some extra outlets and power. No panel? No 5 pieces of equipment plugged in. Panels and distribution help you spread that power out.

If you need emergency power and would like to rent a portable diesel generator or distribution equipment, please contact your local representative.

For specific power questions, to discuss a national power package or other matters, please give us a call.