Temporary Cooling For Cold Storage

For temporary cooling solutions for your cold storage facility, DRYCO’s nationwide emergency equipment rental has you covered. Open 24 hours a day, all year round, DRYCO is experienced and ready to equip your commercial and industrial business and products that demand cold storage climates, even if it’s a holiday. Our services are so broad that in the case of a flood or other storm disaster, we can provide your business with emergency cooling solutions and much more.

No Space Is Too Large For Climate Control

cold-storageDRYCO’s temporary climate control renting units are of industrial and commercial quality and can cool down everything from small offices to large warehouses and factory centers. There are many reasons you might need to rent a temporary cooling unit, including:

  • Power outages
  • Internal AC broken or in repair
  • Events that require extra storage
  • Summer heat waves

Installed, Delivered, & Maintained By Experts

Not having air conditioning during a busy time of the year is one way to lose a lot of inventory or cause employees to overheat too quickly. With DRYCO, you can rest assured that all of our equipment is delivered by experts who can set-up and train staff to properly use the cooling equipment.

Reliable Equipment With Competitive Prices

DRYCO can be trusted to assist with all of your refrigerated storage needs and can help you choose which temporary or permanent climate controlling system would work best for your facility. Not only do we offer weekly and monthly renting plans, but you can also choose our rent-to-own options or browse our inventory of both new and used equipment.

Call Us Today To Ask More About Our Seasonal Rentals

Renting air conditioners and cold storage control units through DRYCO means that you don’t have to fix or hire another maintenance technician. We’ve got your equipment insured and covered so that all you have to do is give us a call and we’ll have a technician onsite to troubleshoot the issue.