Drying Equipment for Military Vessels and Small Spaces

This small unit has been built specifically for drying marine vessels.

Features include:

Drying Equipment for Military Vessels and Small Spaces

  • 200cfm • Electric • 460 volt 3 phase • 5amps • 175lbs • L:20 x W:17 x H:38
  • ANSI lifting bar made with dual 12 gauge 304 stainless steel angle.
  • 18 gauge 304 stainless steel casing, access doors and panels.
  • Three smooth sides for easy handling with hand truck and when transporting below deck.
  • Solid state PTC heater elements – no requirement for high temperature limit switch.
  • Gasketed access panel for user mounted data logger.
  • Easily accessible UL approved control panel on top of unit.
  • All circuits protected with circuit breakers – no fuses
  • Electronic humidity sensor and LED control panel
  • Automatic phase switch
  • Full access to internal components from two sides
  • Two blowers, process and reactivation
  • Process blower operates continuously, while reactivation heaters activate with humidity load
  • Three 80 micron/10 micron disposable pleated paper filters in: process inlet, process outlet and reactivation supply
  • Filters are 10-Micron 1st stage and 80-Micron 2nd stage part # CFS-8H-105W-7/8 NSN 4130-01-548-1951

Downloadable materials on the unit can be found here:

Informational Literature
Spec Sheet