Painting Blasting & Coating

Painting Blasting & Coating DRYCO helps painters and coaters stay on schedule, meet specifications and assure a quality finished product. Using dehumidification/climate control on painting & coating project is becoming more common every year. Why? Using climate control on an SSPC project helps the industrial painter hold the blast, prevent flash rusting, blistering and paint failures.

Why use Climate Control on a Painting/Coating Project?

  • Prevent rust bloom, blistering and curing failures
  • Provide optimal conditions for surface preparation
  • Deliver specified temperature and humidity conditions
  • Eliminate work delays
  • Improve application of steel surface paint
  • Control/reduce moisture
  • Maintain surface temperatures
  • Condition interior spaces during renovation/repairs

The Benefits of Using Climate Control

  • Provide ideal environment and control all climate settings
  • Eliminate weather delays
  • Conform to coating spec requirements (i.e. Navy)
  • Improve life of coatings
  • Safe and effective work environment

A combination of dehumidification and temperature control equipment helps meet product/owner specifications, as well as improve the finished product, if not worker safety inside tanks.
Painting Blasting & Coating


  • Desiccant dehumidifiers
  • ArcticDRY mechanical dehumidifiers
  • Indirect fired heating
  • Air conditioning units
  • Remote monitoring (D.T.A.C.)
  • Power & Distribution


  • Water towers
  • Water treatment tanks
  • Petro-chemical tanks
  • Grain elevators
  • Underground storage tanks
  • Marine/shipyard applications
  • Offshore Platforms