Construction Drying For Painting & Drywall

Construction Drying PaintingDRYCO will help you to stay within both your construction schedule and budget with drying services for painting and drywall projects. Don’t let an unfavorable moisture load cause you headaches and additional expenses – instead, let DRYCO be your ideal climate control solution provider for commercial and industrial projects. We provide unparalleled customer service, vast expertise and superior technology that make us the best choice for industrial climate control.

Construction Drying For Walls

If construction materials get wet or the surrounding environment has high humidity, your project can suffer the consequences of moisture-related problems. Other factors such as drying concrete and paint can release significant amounts of moisture into the air, altering the drying conditions during your project. On occasion, faulty building design with a pre-existing structure may have left the walls vulnerable to water damage, and in order to save them it requires expert drying services. DRYCO will reduce the moisture load and reach the ideal temperature required for paint or drywall applications.

Construction Drying For Drywall

When drywall and joint compound are applied, humidity is the last thing a construction crew wants because of the impact it has on the materials. Drywall is naturally hydroscopic, which means it readily takes up and retains moisture. Moisture related problems are some of the most common reasons for delayed construction schedules and increased project costs. These problems can include shrinkage, mold, cracking, nail popping and joint replacement. DRYCO can help control the moisture load and keep your drywall installation on track and budget.

Construction Drying For Painting

Painting, like drywall, requires an ideal temperature of 55 degrees F or higher. In many places, depending on the time of year, this temperature is not always easily achieved. That is where professional, temporary climate control services come in. DRYCO can get your site’s environment under control and reach the ideal conditions for a smooth, efficient application of paint.

Emergencies Happen

We know that time is money, and when you have a moisture-related problem, it is important to get it quickly resolved. That is why we offer professional construction drying services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. If you find yourself up against high levels of humidity and moisture on your next project, give DRYCO a call, and you will have at your fingertips a professional solution to your moisture control problem.