Factory Climate Control

DRYCO provides factory climate control for businesses across the country. Factory climate control is vital especially for preserving perishable and sensitive products such as medical supplies, furniture, electronics and many other goods. DRYCO provides the desired conditions using our climate control equipment to control humidly and temperature. This ensures that your storage or production processes occur under perfect conditions.

Factory Climate Control Protection

DRYCO moisture regain prevention3In some parts of the country, the temperature can easily exceed 100 degrees in the summer and fall below zero during the winter. Such drastic changes in temperature make it necessary to protect your goods from extreme temperatures, which may damage them. Sensitive items made from wood can suffer from cracking, splitting, or warping due to constant changes in temperature.

Other items like books, fine art and business records may also be damaged by the fluctuation in temperature. DRYCO factory climate control equipment will ensure optimal energy efficiency and temperature control in order to eliminate sweating and protect all perishable items from extreme temperature.

Factory Humidity Control

Drying Equipment

Factory climate control equipment from DRYCO controls humidity, which can have an adverse effect on dry goods. Extreme dryness or too much humidity can encourage the buildup of several biological contaminants such as mildew, bacteria, dust mites and mold. Growth of these elements may result in rotting of paper, degradation of wood, unpleasant odor or health problems.

The presence of too much moisture may cause items to rot, warp or crack. Factories with poor humidity control remain damp during the spring which may promote the growth of mildew. It is essential for factories to have proper humidity control which will maintain the desired humidity level regardless of the season. DRYCO is equipped to handle any factory climate control situation that your company is facing.