Ice Hockey Arena Climate Control

Ice Arenas Climate ControlHave bad ice? Arena showing signs of excess moisture? No worries, even the “big boys” need help sometimes. It’s true: DRYCO has delivered temporary climate control to numerous professional hockey teams during peak summer months. Whether you are a municipal ice arena or a big-time pro hockey team, extreme seasonal weather can stress even the best HVAC system. You may not need to upgrade your HVAC system. In many cases, the addition of a temporary dehumidification system can combat moisture problems and help create great ice!

How can DRYCO help you?

If the warm summer air or sudden high humidity is stressing your permanent HVAC system, DRYCO can deliver additional dehumidification and/or cooling and blend the air together to create the ideal interior conditions. Depending on the ambient conditions and/or the interior needs, a DRYCO representative will review the situation and discuss your needs.

In some cases, simply adding to dehumidified air to relieve the stress on the HVAC system will do. In other cases, we may need to pre-cool the dehumidified (DH) air with air-conditioning (AC). Another possibility is that we may need to add both DH and AC at the same time and put a positive pressure on the building. In any event, all of the following examples are temporary solutions that eliminate the need for a entire overhaul on an existing HVAC system. These solutions are temporary and considerably cheaper than a permanent system upgrade.

Climate Control In Hockey Arenas
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