Hazardous Materials

Class 1, Division 2 Explosion Proof Unit
Class 1, Division 2 Explosion Proof Unit

SAFETY IS FIRST! Whether chemicals, gas/oil, munitions or other sensitive materials are on site, DRYCO has developed a patented and CSA/UL approved dehumidifier to assist in moisture control. The XDH2000 is a state of the art Class 1, Division 2 desiccant dehumidifier. In addition to the Explosion Proof Dehumidifier, DRYCO offers a full line of climate control equipment to assist your needs.

  • Patented Class1, Div2 dehumidification
  • Eliminate production loss during maintenance
  • Address safety concerns with tested and proven equipment

‘Explosion Proof’ Desiccant Dehumidifiers

Class 1, Div 2 desiccant dehumidifiers are pictured with an additional DMV frame, used to withstand the cold climates and not easily break. These units are headed to an offshore rig to help with maintenance work on an oil rig.