Dehumidifiers For Hazardous Environments

Explosion Proof DehumidifierDryco is your reliable source for dehumidifiers for hazardous environments. We sell and rent dehumidifiers for any waste removal needs, and our dehumidifiers are portable so you can take them to and from the job site. Controlling the amount of water vapor in the air is an important factor in all industrial and commercial building and facilities. Humidity control plays an important role in health and comfort. Humidity control can also ensure the reliability of equipment use and materials by containing material corrosion, static electricity, and other factors.

Types Of Dehumidification Systems

The XDH2000 is a top of the line, patented desiccant dehumidifier which has been developed by DRYCO. The XDH200 is a CSA/UL approved dehumidifier for use around hazardous materials (chemicals, gas/oil, munitions or other sensitive materials). Moisture can be pulled from the air by cooling it below the dewpoint temperature. Condensation will then occur by air-to-air heat exchangers, which bring in drier outside air. DRYCO carries these types of dehumidifiers as a portable system as well, so you can easily take and transport it from any hazardous job site.

Portable Dehumidifiers

Portable dehumidifiers are mostly thought of as home dehumidifiers, but there are many uses for a dehumidifier system in a commercial, industrial or hazardous waste site. A few examples of their uses are cleaning and restoration, pump stations, indoor pools, locker rooms, libraries, restaurants and bars, canning plants, and film and tape storage. DRYCO specializes in portable dehumidifiers for use at hazardous chemical sites. Each dehumidifier system is distinctive, and DRYCO’s systems all offer ways to reduce energy costs. For industrial systems, there are many sources of low-grade heat that can be used in the dehumidifier system. It is up to the engineer involved in the equipment selection to consider these sources before a decision can be made on the type of system. DRYCO’s certified technicians can guide you in the right decision for your hazardous dehumidifier system needs.

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At DRYCO we believe in safety first, our certified technicians can answer all of your questions and move you in the right direction for your industrial dehumidifier system needs. We offer a free estimate and demonstration of our systems. Our dehumidifier systems have been certified and CSA/UL approved to give you the top performance needed to ensure any hazardous situation is properly handled. Call DRYCO today and be safer tomorrow.