Climate Control For Laboratories

DRYCO offers temporary climate control and dehumidification equipment for laboratories across the United States. Maintaining the perfect temperatures and environment is critical in obtaining accurate test results. Some of the nation’s leading industrial and medical labs rely on DRYCO to provide them with solutions that will support the integrity of their testing protocols. We offer a variety of temporary heaters, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and ventilation systems to meet your needs.

Temporary Climate Control For Laboratories

Not only is climate control important for yielding accurate test results, it is also critical for the efficiency of delicate lab equipment and the health of technicians. Having temporary cooling systems in place is key. Lab facilities use heat-generating equipment, which can cause a room to overheat and technology to malfunction, compromising tests and experiments. Human comfort is another important part of climate control. Excessive heat can cause loss of productivity and heat-related health concerns, highlighting the need for systems to maintain comfortable temperatures.

Spot Coolers & Portable Air Conditioning Units

DRYCO offers a variety of temporary air conditioning systems for labs. Our most popular portable air conditioner, the Spot Cooler, is an ideal solution for climate control in laboratories. Our 1-, 2- and 5-ton units can direct the flow of cool air to specific areas using flexible output arms. They are perfect for cooling lab equipment, computer and server rooms, and any areas that contain sensitive technology. More importantly, portable air conditioners keep lab technicians comfortable and healthy – promoting productivity and well-being.

We also provide emergency air conditioning solutions for instances when your primary AC system fails, needs to undergo maintenance, or is being replaced. DRYCO offers 24-hour emergency response throughout the United States, and we will quickly set up an effective temporary system to keep your laboratory cool while your primary air conditioning equipment is offline. Do not let hot summer conditions or heat-generating equipment slow down your production or compromise the integrity of your lab – let DRYCO help you with a portable cooling solution.

Portable Heating Equipment For Laboratories

Cold winter conditions can likewise cause laboratories to suffer. DRYCO offers a broad range of portable industrial heaters to protect you when your HVAC system is down. From electric heaters to indirect fired heaters, our temporary commercial heating systems will help you during emergencies or pre-scheduled maintenance events. Maintain accurate lab results with our convenient heater rental program.

Temporary Dehumidification Systems For Labs

Excessive moisture can cause anomalies in laboratory testing, and proper humidity levels are crucial. DRYCO offers affordable dehumidification equipment for labs. Whether you manage an environmental testing facility that provides industrial hygiene testing for mold, lead, and other hazardous materials, or your lab conducts medical testing, we have the dehumidification system that is right for you. Our wide selection of portable dehumidifiers work well in small spaces or larger commercial applications. Along with our dehumidifiers, we provide ventilation solutions, and can help you to set up a system that will promote the flow of temperate, balanced air.

Making Climate Control Easy

DRYCO is America’s leading distributor of temporary climate control equipment for labs. We offer affordable systems on a short term, long term or season rental basis, as well as excellent rent-to-own options. DRYCO provides convenient delivery and pick-up services to laboratories anywhere in the continental United States, and we can assist you with emergency needs.

Call us today or request a quote online, and ensure that your laboratory is operating efficiently with one of our climate control or dehumidification systems.