Food Processing & Cold Storage

Food Processing & Cold StorageWith the ever-growing population, the need for food processing climate control has increased steadily. With tight schedules, production quotas, thin margins and health concerns, the food processing and cold storage industry understands the need for proper climate control. Even the best HVAC systems become stressed while trying to fight high humidity and fluctuating temperature levels within the demanding food industry. DRYCO provides equipment to help with food processing climate control. We deliver dehumidification and cooling equipment to provide extra climate control to keep your facilities running at its optimal performance standards.

Our Equipment Will Help Avoid:

  • Sticking, clumping in production
  • Visible moisture buildup
  • Production delays
  • Contamination from moisture/temperature spikes
  • Icing or condensation on surfaces

Food Processing & Cold StorageDuring peak weather seasons a plant may require additional heating/cooling or dehumidification to assure proper interior conditions. After building modifications or expansion the plant may require additional temperature or dehumidification equipment/cfm.

DRYCO Flexibility

DRYCO has assisted hundreds of food processing facilities maintain their food processing environment by providing climate control assistance when needed. Our climate control rental equipment can be delivered on site for your commercial or industrial food processing plant. DRYCO has multiple rental options available including weekly, monthly, and seasonal rentals.

Avoid delays resulting from underperforming/undersized HVAC system. A temporary solution will help achieve production targets while waiting for system upgrades or save on a capital investment and utilize a temporary solution at a fraction of the cost of permanent.

Avoid Production Issues

If you have an emergency or if you’re just scheduling an upgrade to your existing facility, DRYCO is available to lend its technology, experience, and equipment to solving your climate control problems. Our food processing climate control systems can help your facility avoid sticking and clumping in production, visible moisture buildup, production delays, icing on surfaces, and even contamination from moisture or temperature spikes.

During extreme weather situations, food processing facilities have contacted DRYCO to help maintain its ideal food processing environment. DRYCO’s temporary food processing and environmental solutions can help to ensure that you reach your production targets while maintaining strict food safety precautions.

Food Processing Assistance

We know that maintaining proper food processing climate control is absolutely imperative, and that our job is more than just keeping your facility running efficiently. DRYCO is proud to contribute in whatever manner we can to keeping this industry running smoothly.

Following an expansion of Air Conditioning Rentals their facility, a food processing facility in the Mid-Atlantic contacted DRYCO to provide additional dehumidification and cooling. Two 30Ton ArcticDRY units and a 5000cfm desiccant dehumidifier were delivered to provde the extra climate control needed to keep the facility running smoothly.  A few months later the units were gone. No major upgrades were needed. No major expense to make a capital purchase.  DRYCO makes it easy.