Cold Storage Climate Control

Cold Storage EquipmentDRYCO can solve your cold storage needs whether long-term or emergency, offering a wide variety of rental cooling and dehumidification equipment. Regardless of the project, we are prepared to meet your business’ unique commercial and industrial needs. During extreme weather spikes, even the top of the line HVAC systems can fail or need assistance providing additional heating, cooling or dehumidification. That is when DRYCO can help preserve your inventory and avoid costly losses and production delays.

Cold Storage Dehumidification Equipment

Our portable commercial and industrial dehumidifiers are available in a wide variety of sizes and options dependent upon the amount of moisture involved and the size of your storage. We have provided moisture control solutions for facilities ranging from small rooms to large warehouses. Protecting your inventory from rust, deterioration, mold and mildew by removing excess moisture from your facility is a top priority.

Cold Storage Cooling Equipment

DRYCO offers the most modern high-quality portable industrial and commercial air conditioners. Our inventory varies in size, and output to coincide with the needs of each company. We rent air-conditioning equipment not only for temporary emergency situations, such as extreme temperatures, but also weekly, monthly or seasonally rental for long-term use.

Cold Storage Applications For Climate Control

Chemical Manufacturing

Our climate control equipment can assist in maintaining the integrity of your chemicals, flammables, combustibles and hazardous materials to avoid potential risks during extreme temperature changes.

Pharmaceutical And Over-The-Counter Drugs

Our cooling and climate control equipment can preserve the product efficacy of prescription and over-the-counter drugs during heat waves. We know that extreme temperatures can cause some medications to change physically, lose potency, or threaten the health of the end-user.


Prolong the life of all flowers that will not be transferred to market immediately, as well as those sold wholesale. DRYCO can assist you when the temperature spikes or when additional temporary cold storage is required.

Document, Cultural Artifact & Film Archives

We can assist you in prolonging the life of paper, film-based materials, videotape and other artifacts when existing systems fail.


Provide a dry environment during the winter months for your auto or classic car storage. Prevent moisture from causing rust on the undercarriage, exhaust, suspension, brake and driveline components.

Computers, Laptops & Related Equipment

Avoid condensation on the displays, seizing up of the keyboards and corrosion of internal parts due to fluctuations in humidity and warehouse temperatures.

DRYCO is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to deliver the equipment required on-site to maintain the climate of your cold storage facility. Call today for information on rates and availability.