Moisture Control & Construction Drying

Construction DryingThe use of climate control on construction sites is quickly becoming standard practice. The benefits to using dehumidification and temperature are numerous. Avoid problems, such as:

  • Concrete slabs emitting water
  • Moisture on surface during flooring installation
  • Drywall taping and mudding not drying
  • Microbial growth

Layflat delivering climate control, with work still running smooth.With the proper equipment configuration you can avoid costly delays, earn LEED® credits and improve finishing work installation.

Benefits of Using Climate Control on a Construction Project:

  • Aids in the drying of mud and natural elements, as well as ground thawing prior to concrete
  • Accelerates concrete curing and reduces moisture in concrete flooring
  • Dramatically reduces microbial growth
  • Prevents contamination of permanent HVAC system prior to move-in
  • Reduce latent moisture within wall cavities and materials
  • Promotes uniform dry times on the following products: sheetrock compound, paint and sprayed-on fireproofing
  • Allows for the acclamation and installation of millwork and other moisture sensitive materials
  • Deters warping and damage to mill work and permanent wood fixtures
  • Keeps you on schedule! Avoid moisture/temperature related delays!