Construction Drying For Flooring

flooring construction dryingDRYCO will help you avoid costly moisture-related problems on your next construction project with our expert floor drying. We know the importance of immediate action, so we work around the clock to ensure you do not lose time or money.

Why Dry Floors During Construction?

Most construction projects work on tight budgets and timelines that leave little room for deviation. Moisture-related problems are one of the biggest contributors to added costs and construction delays because of the unnecessary setbacks they cause. If you are pouring a concrete sub-floor and need a low level of humidity before you can install the finished flooring, don’t play the waiting game and watch your profit margins shrink. Instead, speed up the process by having your floors professionally dried.

Other unforeseen events can lead to water damage of your construction project’s flooring. One of the hardest and most necessary to address is wood flooring, which can be permanently damaged and expensive to replace.

Drying Concrete Floors

When preparing concrete to build a sub-floor, water is necessary to moisten the mixture. The correct ratio is imperative because excess water will release as the concrete dries and sets. This level of excess moisture in a concrete sub-floor not only can cause costly delays, it can cause indoor air quality issues and potential failure of the flooring system itself. These problems have often led to future legal disputes.

Drying Wood Floors

Water is wood’s worst enemy. Aside from the visually unattractive warping that occurs, the major threats to a wet wood floor are structural damage and mold growth. Wood is slow to react to water, so it is vital you respond quickly to increase the chances of salvaging the floor. In order to reverse any damage that may have already occurred, it is important to select a professional team that has both the experience and expertise to handle this complicated material.

Say Goodbye To Moisture

When it comes to saving you time and money on your next commercial or industrial construction project, DRYCO can’t be beat. Call us today, and you will never have to worry about a moisture-related problem again.