Construction Drying For Floods

construction drying for floodsWhen you’re in need of construction drying for floods, DRYCO is the nationwide leader in offering climate control equipment for rent. We have everything you need including power generators, dehumidifiers, air conditioners, heaters, fans, and ventilation. Whether the emergency is from a burst pipe, a hurricane, heavy rains or other disasters, it’s crucial to act fast to prevent further damage to your flooded construction site.

Moisture and water damage are one of the top reasons for higher construction costs and delayed deadlines. With the proper climate control equipment, you can reduce the damage and even save building materials.

Construction Drying Equipment For Floods

In need of temporary power? We provide both commercial and industrial power generators. Our experts can help determine the right size generator for you. We also offer an array of portable, commercial, and industrial size dehumidifiers to control moisture levels on your flooded construction site.

For temporary climate control after a flood, heating and cooling, air conditioning, and heater rentals are available for commercial, industrial, and construction drying applications. We are the leader in providing portable heaters for rent. We can provide you with electric heaters, in-line heaters, and indirect fired heaters.

We also have several options for fans and ventilation to choose from. This equipment can assist in both construction materials drying and improving air quality.

Hazards of Construction Site Floods

Too much moisture from flooding and other disasters can be your worst nightmare. Moisture and water damage can cause numerous problems during construction including:

  • Mold Formation
  • Material Shrinkage
  • Plaster Cracks
  • Loosening Of Fastenings
  • Drywall Nail Popping
  • Wood Swelling
  • Settling
  • Leaks

Site Damages Due to Flooding

Exposure to mold spores can cause serious health complications including shortness of breath, headaches, respiratory problems, and even cancer. Mold loves areas of moisture. Having a climate control system in place can significantly inhibit the growth of mold.

Moisture absorption followed by loss of moisture can lead to shrinkage in drywall and framing. This can eventually lead to nail pops and cracks. Water damage can cause severe damage to plaster. Cracks in plaster are not only unsightly but can result in further complications down the road.

Too much moisture can cause wood to begin to rot and swell leading to loosening of nails and fastenings. Nail pops occur when the lumber used in framing loses moisture and shrinks. A nail then pops through the drywall or be pulled into the drywall leaving an impression. Flood rains and hurricanes can cause not only cracks but compromise the foundation of the property.

Get the Equipment You Need

In case of a flooding emergency, whether it’s from harsh weather or a burst pipe, DRYCO has the expertise and equipment available for rent to protect your site. Acting immediately will save you time and money by reducing further damage. Contact us for construction site drying for floods today.