Climate Control For Government Buildings

Govt BuildingAt DRYCO we have nationwide climate control for government buildings anytime of the day or night. We have the equipment rentals needed for your situation, whether it’s a planned renovation or move or an unexpected flood.

Climate Sensitive Objects

We understand the responsibility of respectfully preserving our government buildings and the items within. Some of the items you may be interested in protecting may include:

  • Historical Documents
  • Personal And Business Records
  • Historical Artifacts
  • Patriotic Paintings
  • Building Tapestries
  • Photographs
  • Films And Microfiche
  • Audio And Video Recording

Documents and records are sensitive to dry air, moisture and dust. Paintings, artifacts, and tapestries are all very delicate in various ways. Film, photographs, and video recordings are all affected by lighting and temperature. So here at DRYCO we focus on climate control rentals that meet all your diverse needs.

Moving Government Artifacts

Whether it’s by choice or out of necessity, we can help you protect your documents during a relocation. We help with storage building moves and government office moves with power generators and climate control equipment. We also have seasonal rentals to protect your precious documents from humidity, wind storms, and other inclement weather.

We provide air conditioners and heaters for temperature control, dehumidifiers and ventilation for moisture control and air filtration equipment for dust issues. Whether you are concerned for personal and business documents or you are responsible for historical document preservation, here at DRYCO we understand what it takes to move your government location.

Unexpected Circumstances

Mother Nature can cause unexpected situations such as dust storms, floods, and most commonly, humid weather. All these elements: water, dust, and humidity, are damaging to your precious items. Regardless of the time of day or night she may strike, here a DRYCO, we are ready to assist. We also provide structural drying and document recovery and restoration. With fans and air filtration equipment, heaters, and generators, we can save those historical records and preserve your government archives.

So don’t hesitate to call DRYCO 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we are here to assist national and local government buildings in need of our climate control services.