Climate Control For Documents

document climate controlWhen you are looking for temporary climate control for document storage, DRYCO has nationwide availability 24/7 to meet your professional and personal needs.

Whether the source of possible damage is a change in seasons, natural disaster, unexpected inclement weather or storage location transfer, we have the equipment necessary to ensure that your valuable documentation is preserved.

Document Preservation

When considering storage needs for documents, a preservation plan is essential. Whether it’s maintaining the reputation of your business or maintaining personal records and memories, many factors must be considered. Temperature, air quality, and moisture, all contribute to the safety of your information.

Constant Temperature For Document Storage

Temperature control can be tricky to maintain. High temperatures lead to fungus and humidity, both of which can cause damage. Ideal conditions for most paper is a constant 65-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Should your documents contain photographs, it should drop down to 55 degrees Fahrenheit. This is not the exact temperature most would keep at the home, office, or storage facility. To help, we have climate control equipment for rent on a temporary or long-term basis.

Temporary Humidity Control

When we talk about humidity control and moisture control, the window for security is a small one. Too much moisture leads to fungus, which in itself is harmful. Fungus and other types of rot are also great food for corrosive insects. Too little moisture causes brittle and fragile paper leaving your documents susceptible to breakage. Let us help you find the monitoring and dehumidification equipment rentals you need during wetter months or times when your paperwork will be exposed to humid conditions.

Air Filtration Equipment

Another environmental enemy is dust. We cannot see it until it settles onto our shelves and desks. The less dust pouring through vents the better. The mixture of moisture, uv lights, and high temperatures, it’s a recipe for document destruction. Portable air scrubbers and other filtration equipment can help.

Types of Documents That Need Climate Control

Whether you store documents for doctor’s office, corporation, legal facility, or local government, we can help you with climate control for:

  • Patient Records
  • Government Records
  • Legal Records
  • Library records
  • Historical documents
  • Maps
  • Business data
  • Blueprints
  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Aperture cards

We know that storing personal information is a big responsibility. Due to documentation conservation, we can revisit important moments, people, places, and events. Sometimes our financial security and safety can be held in the grasp of storage choices. These types of documents can make a difference in our success and without proper care, critical mistakes can be made.

Climate Control Rental From DRYCO

Temporary climate control for documents is extremely important. Whether it’s business, personal, historical, or professional, without the proper care your information is at risk. If you are relocating, remodeling, or taking steps to temporarily control the temperature, moisture, and dust exposure levels of your files, don’t take a chance on these critical decisions. Contact DRYCO today.