Case Studies – Water Damage

Delivering the Dry

When a large office building suffered water damage from a leaky hot water heater (which flooded the entire building), a local restoration company was contacted to help mitigate and repair the property.  Due to the size of the building and the lack of power available, it was determined that DRYCO should be contacted to assist with the structural drying.

DRYCO in Tracy, CA responded and quickly had 40,000cfm of desiccant dehumidifiers on site, with ample power to run the equipment.  In addition, an extra 140 air-movers were also dispatched to the job site.

All of the equipment was delivered, unloaded, connected and the duct and lay-flat were run into and through the building. The equipment was powered and fuel service was arranged for the duration of the job.  Five days later everything was turned off, shipped out and back to the DRYCO shop in Tracy.

Customer: Local restoration company
Project: Structural drying in response to water damage
Location: Fremont, CA
Problem: Water heater leaked overnight, flooding entire building
Solution: 40,000cfm of desiccant dehumidifiers, generators and air-movers used in conjunction with restoration company efforts
Time: Immediate response, followed by 5 continuous days of dehumidification and air-movers


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Desiccant DH:  40,000 cfm
• 1—25,000cfm unit
• 2—5,000cfm units
• 1—3,000cfm unit
• 1—2,000cfm unit

Generators: 1.275MW
• 1—800kW generator
• 1—300kW generator
• 1—175kW generator

Small Equipment Support:
• 140 air-movers

Equipment delivered, unloaded, connected, lay-flat run, started & fueled