Case Studies – Food Processing

Keep the Lines Moving

You don’t always have to take drastic steps when moisture becomes a problem (like upgrading your HVAC system).  The problem may be temporary, so it begs the question, why can’t the solution also be temporary?

The folks at national food manufacturer knew they were experiencing a seasonal moisture issue.  With delays underway from continuous shut downs on the line they quickly and cost effectively addressed the problem with a temporary solution: DRYCO.

By introducing temporary dehumidification, the humidity concerns were gone at a fraction of the cost to upgrade to a permanent system-and it happened over a weekend’s time.

In mere hours of the dehumidifiers being turned on the moisture was under control and the lines were moving again.  When the seasonal issue is gone, so is the equipment.  It’s that easy!

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Customer: National Food Manufacturer
Project: Pet food production facility  located in eastern Oklahoma
Problem: Extreme humidity within facility causing delays, work stoppages.
Concern: While product was for non-human consumption, humidity levels and  ensuing water dripping was un- acceptable for production line
Solution: Temporarily add 50,000cfm of  desiccant dehumidification to help
Time: Project has run seasonally for 2 years at monthly increments

Building humidity levels:
BEFORE: 30% rH
AFTER: 10%rH

Of the 50,000cfm of dehumidified air, it was equally delivered using half outside air and half re-circulated air, of which every cfm was  processed through food-grade filtration.
No cutting, drilling or alterations to the building occurred; the temporary ducting utilized existing exhaust fan entry points, as seen below, left.