Case Studies – Construction

Building a Healthy Hospital

During the construction of the new Medical Center in Waco, TX, DRYCO was contacted by a national builder to deliver interior climate
control.  The builder chose DRYCO for their ability to:

  • Deliver a consistent temperature and low humidity inside the hospital
  • Help prevent microbial growth
  • Help keep the project on-schedule by shortening dry times for adhesives, joint compound and fireproofing
  • Stabilize the climate for interior finishes
  • Remove excess water from concrete slabs

The eight + months that DRYCO was on the job, desiccant dehumidifiers, ArcticDRY units, air-conditioning and temporary power were used.  DRYCO staff regularly monitored conditions and adjusted equipment settings throughout the job site to ensure optimum conditions.

Customer: National Building Contractor
Project: New Construction of $184 million Medical Center, Waco, TX
Problem: Unstable temperature and humidity inside the building throughout construction process.
Concern: Infectious control, wet concrete, scheduling
Solution: Total climate control within the building during construction.
Phase 1, October—April
Phase 2, January—April
Phase 3, February—June

The National Builder and medical center have demonstrated their commitment to excellence through their use of climate control during the construction of this project.  Among the many benefits of using climate control, one of the key components is helping to build a ‘healthy hospital.’

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Average Interior Conditions Maintained:
75° Fahrenheit
25% Relative Humidity

Concrete moisture content:
3 pounds* per 1000 sq. ft. was achieved on concrete
*As measured using ASTMF1869-11