Case Studies – Climate Control

Air for the Aircraft Carrier  


When a resurfacing project is conducted in an environment that has rain falling nearly every day, temperatures around 40° and humidity near 90% when its not raining, it’s safe to say that moisture may be a concern. And one more thing, the project is taking place on board a US Naval Aircraft Carrier…and it’s sitting in water.

With all of that in mind, when a Naval Aircraft Carrier comes into port one of the maintenance functions performed involves resurfacing the flight deck. DRYCO has been called numerous times to deliver climate control to help the painters and containment personnel perform the resurfacing of the ‘non-skid’ surface.

In this instance, DRYCO was asked to deliver specific humidity and temperature conditions with a set number of air-changes per hour. Our goal was to help the application of the non-skid material but also help the project move quickly.

Customer: Government Contractor working for the United States Navy
Project: Climate Control during resurfacing of flight deck on board US NavalAircraft Carrier
Problem: Cold, wet ambient conditions and specific humidity/temperatures are required during application of non-skid product
Solution: Total climate control, consisting of dehumidification, electric heat w/blowers and dust collectors used with a containment system
Time: March thru May, with specific completion deadlines

Several projects with similar functions have been successfully completed in recent years.


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Average High Temp: 50°
Average Low Temp:  36°
Average Humidity:  85% rH

Temperature: 76°-80°F
Humidity: Airflow: 4 air changes p/hr.

150kW heaters,
5,000cfm desiccant dehumidifiers and
 multiple dust collectors produced:
Positive pressure @ 58,500cfm
Negative pressure @ 65,000cfm