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Temporary Heating

If you are in need of temporary heating, DRYCO has the solution for you. We can fit your commercial or industrial property for temporary heating. DRYCO specializes in providing heating, cooling, humidity, power and moisture related solutions for our customers. We also offer heating equipment rental and services to our customers. Temporary Heating Solutions Are […]


Dehumidification Specialists DRYCO specializes in commercial and industrial dehumidifier rental. As an environmental control solutions specialist, DRYCO has dehumidification equipment for the moisture removal needs of any job. DRYCO’s industry experts will do their best to assist each and every customer regardless of the job. Our experts are trained to work through the unexpected. DRYCO […]

Process Cooling

Process cooling is when refrigerating systems cool air below the ambient temperatures. Simply put, it uses a compressor that expands refrigerant gas. When the gas is expanded it absorbs heat cooling the surrounding area. In some applications, process cooling will produce temperatures far below freezing. It is essentially the same as engine driven chillers that […]

Moisture Control

In the area of moisture control, DRYCO is a respected and trusted name throughout the industry. We are known for providing quality commercial and industrial equipment rental. DRYCO offers moisture control rental equipment to both the public and private sectors. Our moisture control equipment is available for scheduled rental or for 24-hour emergency services. DRYCO […]

Small Equipment Repair

Small Equipment Repair DRYCO offers a timely and cost effective approach to your restoration equipment needs. You never know when the next storm or flood will hit, so you need to have all of your equipment ready to go, including the broken pieces.  We can help.  Let us maintain your equipment so it can keep making money for […]


If you are having trouble operating industrial equipment that you rented from DRYCO, or other equipment, we are here to help. Our technicians are trained in operation and maintenance of all of the equipment we offer. Whether you have questions about the readings you are receiving, fueling instructions or just questions on general operation, we are […]

Expert Consultation

DRYCO provides every client expert consultation. And before you’re a client, we’ll come out and review the situation and provide a no-cost consultation on what the best solution will be for you and your business. We will give you our professional advice and guidance regarding any climate control situation, operation of equipment and the best […]

Equipment Startup

If you go and rent a backhoe or excavating equipment, you would expect the sales representative to at least tell you how to start it, maybe even SHOW you, right? Other companies renting industrial equipment may have you pick it up and leave it to you to figure out how to get it set up […]

Equipment Monitoring

While most companies take the hands off approach to equipment rental, just having you pick up the equipment and leaving you to figure it all out, we understand that sometimes you may need a helping hand. At DRYCO, we offer the services of an experienced technician to monitor your equipment and make sure it is […]

Equipment Delivery & Setup

As you may have read elsewhere on our website, we pride ourselves on being flexible to your needs. If you want to pick up equipment or have it delivered, let us know. We Are Flexible! Furthermore, some companies only offer delivery – that’s it. Well, DRYCO knows that you may not start a 15,000 cfm desiccant dehumidifier […]