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Recent Projects

Drying A Storage Facility After A Chicago Storm

After Storms Strike, DRYCO Arrives (With a lot of Equipment) When storms passed through the Chicago area this summer, wreaking havoc on homes and businesses, DRYCO responded in force with equipment and service.  One of the numerous projects that DRYCO responded to called for 60,000 cfm of dehumidified air to help dry out a storage […]

NHL Hockey Playoffs

During the NHL playoffs DRYCO regularly supplies additional climate control to help stadiums overcome temperature and humidity conditions.  As one can imagine, when playoff hockey runs into the late spring and early summer months, the HVAC system’s of many stadiums fall short.  Many of these systems were not designed for warm weather and sellout crowds.  […]

A Cold Summer In Texas

A new construction project in Texas required temporary climate control during the finishing stages of the interior. DRYCO provided its ArcticDRY mechanical dehumidifier units, which provide conditioned dry air at a 40 degree dew point. The units (as seen) were placed next to exterior walls and ducted into the space. Construction Drying Project DRYCO technicians […]